Book your STANDARD SKYDIVE or a 12 000ft Tandem Skydive or even a crazy 15000ft skydive with Ground Rush Adventures today!

Tandem Skydive over the Oldest Desert in the world.

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Take a scenic flight up to altitude và see the unique Atlantic Ocean where it meets the Namib Desert Dunes. The aircraft door opens & you jump attached to a world-class qualified tandem instructor. You Free fall at 200km/h and experience the feeling of human flight, your instructor then opens the parachute and you get to fly over the oldest Desert in the world suspended from your parachute for approximately 7 minutes & then finally the instructor lands you safely on Mother Earth.


±35 seconds freefall

Reduced from N$3800 to N$3000

As a thank you khổng lồ our local people for the tư vấn during Covid we would like khổng lồ extend this discount lớn you. The standard tandem skydive sầu offers approximately 35 seconds of không lấy phí fall time. There’s plenty of time khổng lồ capture amazing Clip và photos of your skydive.

10 000 Ft

±35 seconds freefall


The standard tandem skydive offers approximately 35 seconds of không tính tiền fall time. There’s plenty of time khổng lồ capture amazing đoạn phim & photos of your skydive sầu.

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12 000 Ft

±45 seconds freefall


This is the ultimate tandem skydive experience & certainly our most popular. A tandem skydive sầu from 12,000ft means approximately 45 seconds of freefall time.

Ground Rush Adventures / Skydive Swakopmund started Tandem skydiving in Namibia in 1997 and to lớn date has done over 120000 tandem skydives in Swakopmund making it the largest & most organised tandem operation on the African continent, boasting an impeccable safety record. Ground Rush Adventures is a thành viên of the Namibian Tourism Board.

At our offices indemnities are filled out before skydiving, và different camera and đoạn phim options are explained lớn the students.

With this option, a skydiving cameraman jumps alongside you lớn catch every angle of your không lấy phí fall experience. Our highly trained cameraman will interact with you in mid-air, even approaching to lớn shake your h& during miễn phí fall! Your cameraman will adjust his position to lớn capture the best close-ups as well as scenic shots taken from a distance. Videos and photos will be sent via a dropbox links.

This option includes the basic option but has camera angles included that is not possible with the basic option. The tandem instructor will have sầu a camera on his wrist. Once the parachute opens the camera man falls away so he can no longer film you but this option allows the đoạn Clip to lớn switch over to lớn your instructor’s camera khổng lồ film your parachute ride as well. This package includes cthất bại up angles as well as outside angles of your skydive sầu. It includes high quality digital images of your jump too. The unique and variety of this footage is unbeatable! Videos và photos will be sent via a dropbox link.

This option includes the Deluxe cộ option, a t-shirt and you receive sầu your video shortly after your jump , the video clip will be sent via a dropbox links too.






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