Hotels Near Vincom Long An, Tan An


Vincom Long Bien Shopping Center, located in the central area of Vinhomes Riverside - Vietnam"s most prestigious eco-urban area, with luxury and thắm thiết riverside villas and many functional civilized and modern facilities. It is considered as the capital"s new shopping paradise, ikhuyễn mãi giảm giá entertainment and food destination for everyone.

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The Shopping Center has a variety of goods, ranging from fashions, cosmetics khổng lồ household appliances.. This is where big brands like Carlo Rinno, Sembonia, Louis Ferre… gather.

VinMart: on the 1st floor, Vinhomes Riverside Riverside residents và outside customers will experience an exciting modern shopping space, delighting khổng lồ choose among thousands of high-end products & specialties from domestic và international imports.



Photo: foody.comDiverse culinary area with more than đôi mươi stalls such as KFC, Jolie Bee, Highlands Coffee, Al Fresco"s ... on the first and fourth floors, ensure lớn serve sầu all customers’ daily needs, as well as specializing in serving parties and events. However if you want a better dining experience you may head khổng lồ the nearby Almaz Center which houses many dining services:

Tunglok Heen: chinese specialties with Hongkong vibe decoration, price is a little expensive sầu. (250.000 - 5.000.000/serving)Sing Restaurant Buffet & Seafood Hotpot specialized in Singaporean food.Topaz Beer Club : fine Lamb chops, other dishes like tomalớn sauce seafood pasta, gnocchi, pizza.. are also worth trying.

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Other amenities

World Games: Is a space for children lớn freely explore và play exciting new games. The Little Gym helps children increase intelligence and creativity in "Wisdom Garden", exercise health and fitness at colorful gyms.

Platinum Cineplex: Possessing modern facilities, with super large screen, high definition image unique & multi-dimensional sound system, Platinum Cineplex Long Bien promises to bring you both auditory & visual satisfaction when watching thrilling action movies, or emotional scenes.

Outdoor swimming pool: the pool in Vincom Long Bien Plaza is a utility only for Vinhomes Riverside Riverside residents & their accompanied relatives / friends. Currently, the swimming pool is still completely FREE for residents và an applicable fee of 100,000 VND / time for relatives / friends.