Reenactment là gì

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This may take the khung of the re-creation or re-enactment of past events, as part of the creative process.
The clone is forced to be involved in an attempt to lớn perform a complicated partial re-enactment of the life of somebody toàn thân else (the original).
This located interpretation of the past from the present is made clear in the details that are selected for re-enactment, & the meanings that can be inferred from them.
The ecstatic dance is developed out of, và gains its power from, the most innocuous of regular verse forms, with selfentrancement serving to lớn frame the ritual re-enactment of nightmares.
The performance that took place within the seance was certainly not a re-enactment of the individual"s death, though spirits occasionally alluded khổng lồ the manner of their departure from this earth.
To believe that non re-enactment would herald a movement to peace on our streets and in our towns would be to delude ourselves.
This is a classic illustration of the value of delegated legislation, as it would be difficult to bởi this by continual re-enactment of legislation.
Then, in answer to lớn me, he said that there was no change at all: it was mainly, he said, a re-enactment of the previous taw.
What is wanted is a comprehensive survey and re-enactment of the legislation which controls the use of vehicles on the roads of this country.
The major powers that we have sầu spent so much time on to-day are a re-enactment of existing legislation.
In such cases the technical effect will be not that these functions are transferred but that upon re-enactment they are conferred upon the successor bodies.
This is essentially a re-enactment of the existing law adjusted to take tài khoản of the new arrangements.

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He expressed the opinion that we ought lớn have sầu proceeded by legislation by reference rather than by re-enactment.
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