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You can use the Export tools to move sầu your content lớn another dichvuthammymat.com site or khổng lồ a self-hosted dichvuthammymat.com site.

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What an XML Export Can và Cannot Do

When you use the export feature, your site’s content is downloaded inkhổng lồ an XML file. This XML tệp tin includes your posts, pages, comments, categories, and tags.

An XML export can also move your images & other media. However, it’s important to know that XML export files don’t contain any images or truyền thông.

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They contain links lớn images & other truyền thông media, which will be moved lớn the new site after you import the XML tệp tin lớn that site. The site you exported from must be publicly accessible. This process can take a few hours depending on how many truyền thông files you have.

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An export file does not contain your theme or plugins, only content. If you wish to lớn have the same thiết kế on the new site, you must activate và configure the same theme on the new site.

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How To Export Your Content to Another Site or Platform

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