Nâng cao vốn tự vựng của bạn cùng với English Vocabulary in Use trường đoản cúọc các tự bạn phải giao tiếp một giải pháp tự tín.

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consisting of several thin layers of wood, plastic, glass, etc., stuck together, or covered with a thin layer of plastic:
The duct was completely occluded by laminated thrombus but there was no evidence of ductal constriction.
In 2, certain relationships between harmonic measures and measures invariant under the laminated flows g, h+ & h- are discussed.
Application of genetic algorithms lớn stiffness optimization of laminated composite plates with stress-concentrated open holes.
The trackways were found in the laminated fine sands and siltstones at the tops of fining-upwards sequences.
The latter comprises laterally continuous, horizontally laminated, alternating dark/light beds that vary from a few millimetres up khổng lồ 10 cm thiông chồng.
Interestingly, the margins of the columns are much better laminated than the cores, suggesting that sediment abrasion may have sầu influenced the column texture.
Visible are fine- and less frequently medium-grained, laminated or slightly cross-stratified sandstone beds arranged partly as trough-shaped bodies with very minor purplish shale intercalations.
However, a restriction was placed on the maximum shock-sphere pressure by the limited strength of the laminated glass observation windows.
Indeed, the pronounced planar foliation exhibited in the case of the laminated gabbro appears khổng lồ be the principal difference between the two.
Tuffs interbedded within interfluvially driven sediments, often cross-laminated fine- to medium-grained sandstones, display both current- and tool-marks.
The conglomerate grades into laminated greenish/dark grey mudstone at a horizon approximately 87 m above sầu the base through sandstone.
The basal three units of this sequence are composed of a graded unit, parallel-laminated unit and wavy-laminated unit.

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an object used for hitting the ball in various sports, consisting of a net fixed tightly to a round frame with a long handle

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