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Hoi An Central is the place where you enjoy the feeling of traveling baông chồng lớn the golden days of the Ancient Faifo. Its colonial architecture, together with an exceedingly contemporary update of the traditional designs, will fill your senses with nostalgia và your heart with excitement. Come và let yourself deeply connect with the soul of modern Hoi An.

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A four star deluxe pháo hotel with its unique cultural mixing và colonial style architecture which provides exceptional facilities & services with efficiency, comfort, security and value for money. Centrally located on Hung Vuong Street, within a walking distance to lớn the famous Japanese Covered Bridge Pagodomain authority và the colorful và bustling Ancient Town, a UNESCO's World Heritage site. The Hotel provides transportation, available from morning until evening to lớn enjoy our private beach at An Bang, a welcome break from the old town.

CENTRAL & CONVENIENT LOCATIONS Centrally located on Hung Vuong Street, within a walking distance to lớn the famous Japanese Covered Bridge Pagoda and the colorful and bustling Ancient Town, a UNESCO's World Heritage site (the symbol of Hoian). The Hoian Central Hotel is ideally located for those who want lớn experience the Ancient town's bustling nightlife, from cheap & cheerful street food vendors khổng lồ chic cosmopolitung nightclubs & lounge.

5-STAR BEDS Our beds feature high chất lượng spring mattress beds with pillows, pillowcases, bed sheets và 250-thread count duvets, custom-made for our requirements by bed makers who supply 5-star hotels the basis of our "promise for 5-star beds!

CLEAN ENVIRONMENT We provide housekeeping services to ensure you have a clean & pleasant stay with us. Through our affordable pay-as-you-use system of add-ons for energy - consuming facilities và amenities, we try khổng lồ help you conserve both your funds as well as the earth's resources.

POWER SHOWERSEach of our rooms feature ensuite (attached) private bathrooms with high-pressure, heated nguồn Showers. So even though you're paying minimal room rates, you're still enjoying premium showers in maximum privacy.

24-HOUR SECURITY Our hotels use electronic key thẻ access inkhổng lồ rooms, CCTV cameras, round-the-clock on duty reception staff và station Security guard 24 hours.

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