Giá Marou Chocolate

Six Vietnamese provinces lent their names lớn the single-origin chocolate bars that built Marou. As a sản phẩm of nature, the cacao that defines each bar tells us so much about soil and season. Droughts tkết thúc lớn draw sharper, citrus notes, while heavy rains invite fruit and spice flavors to blossom. The controlled chaos of fermentation bring subtle surprises. We’re still exploring the places this fruit grows & learning new things every day.

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Discover an uncompromisingly dark chocolate, made from a select blkết thúc of the mildest cacao grown by farmers in the south of Vietnam.


Ben Tre 78%

Grown in the shade of the Mekong Delta"s sweethử nghiệm coconuts, Bến Tre Province"s cacao speaks lớn the sweetness and strength of its people. The flavors range from dried coconut to young banana, but always remind us of the good that sprouts out of the ground in Vietnam giới.


Tien Giang 70%

Some of the Mekong Delta"s most delicate cacao flourishes on islvà orchards that lie just a boat ride away from Saigon. Look for subtle traces of cinnamon và honey in this highly accessible chocolate.

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Dong Nai 72%

The jungle hills of Đồng Nai Province lie northeast of Saigon. There, avocavị farmers cultivate a cacao that coats the palate in the creamy, sweet & sour flavors of a tropical fruit parfait.


Lam Dong 74%

This cacao thrives at the foot of lush forested hills in Vietnam"s central highlands. Lâm Đồng Province"s cool mountains yield a mild chocolate, but look alive for traces of prune, raisin và espresso.

Ba Ria 76%

Durian & lychee farmers in Bà Rịa Province cultivate bright, bold cacao in red ferrous soil & coastal air seasoned by the East Sea. Expect a black current beginning and a bright candied orange finish.

Dak Lak 70%

The most recent addition khổng lồ Marou fruited amid the climbing tendrils of Đắk Lắk Province"s renown blaông chồng pepper vines. Scan this mild, pleasant chocolate for traces of cashew nut và earth.

Marou Faiseurs de Chocolat: 120/4 Street 13, Binc Chieu, Thu Duc District, Ho Chi Minch City Vietnam giới Maison Marou Saigon: 167-169 Calmette, Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam giới Maison Marou Hanoi: 91 Tho Nhuom, Hanoi Vietnam