Driver máy in canon g1010

There are very few websites which provide genuine drivers for the Canon PIXMA G1010 all-in-one. In this guide, we will be providing the lachạy thử printer driver package which is bundled with the drivers and software necessary for the proper installation & working of this multi-function device.

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The Canon PIXMA G1010 all-in-one is designed for high volume printing at low running cost. This inkjet printer has ink tanks which greatly reduces its operational costs. The maximum print resolution offered by this printer is 4800 x 1200 dpi và the maximum print tốc độ is up to 8 ppm for mono và 5 ppm for color prints.

Here, you will find Canon PIXMA G1010 driver download links for Windows, Linux và Mac operating systems. You can install the drivers available on this page even if you have sầu the software CD drivers of this printer.

Steps khổng lồ Download Canon PIXMA G1010 Driver

To tải về your Canon PIXMA G1010 driver thiết lập tệp tin you need lớn select your operating system from our danh mục và click on its download link.

Wait for the driver installer to run itself.

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Select your place of residence from the danh mục of regions displayed, then cliông xã on the ‘Next’ button to lớn proceed lớn the next screen.
Wait as the installer runs the clean-up process.
Now you should connect your Canon printer with your computer by using the USB cable. After making the connection switch-on your Canon printer. Then, wait for the installer to lớn detect your Canon printer và complete the driver installation.
That’s it, you have successfully installed your full feature Canon PIXMA G1010 driver on your computer. Your Canon printer is now properly installed on your computer và is ready for use. You should print some test pages with your Canon printer khổng lồ verify the printer installation.

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If the above given manual installation doesn’t work then try khổng lồ install it manually, like this: How lớn install driver manually using basic driver (.INF driver)

Canon PIXMA G1010 Ink Details

The ink for this inkjet printer comes in blaông chồng (GI 790 Pigment Black), Cyan (GI 790 Cyan), Yellow (GI 490 Yellow) and Magenta (GI 490 Magenta) ink bottles.

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