Devil May Cry 5 Pc Performance Review

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Devil May Cry 5 game details

Get ready to lớn shoot, slash, và run over the forces of hell in this long awaited continuation of the demon damning series. Take command of supernaturally powered Nero on a quest lớn kick the hordes of hell from demon-infested Red Grave sầu City back khổng lồ fiery pits from whence they came. Grab a motorcycle, a mechanical arm, a promiscuous sword, & start swinging in this action-packed FPS adventure. Are you ready khổng lồ make the devil cry?

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Can my PC run Devil May Cry 5?

By John Hussey March 10, 2019

From sword-swinging & gun-wielding to lớn motorcycle-mashing và Faust hat-throwing, the heavily stylized action of Devil May Cry 5 looks to lớn be nothing less than spectacular. Follow the newest chapter in Dante’s story mix several years after the events that transpired in Devil May Cry 2. Despite the lachồng of financial success from Devil May Cry 4, Capcom và Hideaki Itsuno believe sầu that this entry inlớn the franchise will win baông xã the hearts of many of their disgruntled fans. This game represents one of the largest jumps in system requirements for sequential games in a franchise in recent years. With the promise of 60 FPS across all systems and a photo-realistic graphics style, the vast increase in hardware requirements should come as no surprise.

The minimum system requirements for DMC5 are even above sầu the recommended requirements for DMC4: Special Edition which came out in the middle of năm ngoái. DMC5’s release date is fast approaching (March 8, 2019) so there’s no better time khổng lồ prepare your PC for one of the most anticipated action games. Unfortunately for AMD users and enthusiasts, Capcom has only listed Nvidia and Hãng Intel requirements (for the time being). They named the GeForce GTX 760 as the minimum GPU needed to play Devil May Cry 5, và the approximate AMD equivalent of that is cđại bại khổng lồ a Radeon HD 7870 or Radeon R9 270. Currently, Capcom is listing the Vi xử lý Core i7-4770 as both the minimum và recommended CPU model. The i7-4770 is on the higher over of CPUs & will definitely be a concern for gamers trying to lớn get their PCs over the minimum requirements.

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In addition lớn the aforementioned recommended CPU requirement, in order to lớn max out the settings in Devil May Cry 5, PC gamers will also need a GeForce GTX 960 (or the AMD equivalent which is cthua lớn a Radeon R9 280). Whether you’re slicing and dicing with your newest blade, or you’re getting ready to pull the trigger on the newest detháng, pushing this game khổng lồ its max is sure to lớn present some beautiful eye candy to lớn action game enthusiasts. If PC gamers have a hard time passing the requirements for DMC5, they could check out Warframe, a free-to-play action shooter with a healthy dose of melee weapon-oriented combat. On top of being free-to-play, Warframe has significantly lower system requirements while still being a visually impressive game.

One last note from Capcom is that they suggest players use a controller/gamepad for an optimal playing experience.