The best cooking classes in hoi an

Existing within the picturesque đô thị of Hoi An are some of the best cooking classes in the country. With culinary traditions dug deep, access lớn amazing seafood and organic produce, it’s no wonder why a plethora of cooking classes and schools have sầu come into lớn being. Attending a class will help you khổng lồ better underst& the Vietnamese food that you’ve sầu come to love sầu and is a great way to bring those dishes trang chính with you. Cliông chồng here for an introduction to lớn the most popular Vietnamese dishes.

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However, there are so many options for classes, that it can be quite tricky narrowing it down khổng lồ find one that suits your interests, expectations and needs. So Hidden reviewed the most popular cooking schools và cheap cooking classes in Hoi An, breaking it down to make your decision easier.

Shredded papaya salad with shrimp and pork at Grandma’s Cooking School. Photo: Kristen Wells


Choosing a cooking class in Hoi AnHoi An’s Most Popular Cooking Classes: My Grandma’s trang chủ CookingRed Bridge Cooking SchoolHai Café Evening Cooking ClassTra Que Water Wheel Cooking ClassVy’s Market Restaurant và Cooking School

Choosing a cooking class in Hoi An

Choosing the right class is all important; the choice depends on many variables. All of which change from person to person, & from family khổng lồ family. For instance, perhaps you’re travelling with children và ensuring the class is enjoyable for the whole family is a high priority. Or are you a skilled cook seeking a class lớn step up your repertoire? Maybe you’re just looking for a light-hearted class to lớn pick up a couple of local recipes. It’s also wise lớn consider your skill màn chơi và what you hope to lớn achieve sầu. Fortunately no matter your wants and needs, there is a class for you!

The Market Tour

The fundamental reason for attending a cooking class is lớn learn the dishes of the country that you’re in. However, a big part of the day and something khổng lồ not overlook is the market tour. This portion may not be recognised as key. However seeing & touching the ingredients in their raw state helps you understand where và how the end sản phẩm comes together. The markets in Hoi An are gastronomic wonderlands where you’re shown local produce, spices, & proteins used in everyday life in Vietnam.

The busy fish section at Hoi An’s Central Market where ingredients are being bought for the upcoming class at Vy’s Cooking School. Photo: Kristen Wells

Hoi An Central Market

The majority of cooking classes bring you through the Central Market in Hoi An’s Old Town. However while this market is still a significant part of Hoi An, the authentic charm is diminishing due khổng lồ the volume of tourists. Also you may have sầu already come here on your own time. But the one element that does st& out at the Central Market is their fish market. Because with the market being positioned on the water’s edge, boats can transport their goods straight to lớn the market with ease. This results in a much larger variety và a higher unique of seafood available.

Hoi An Local Markets

However some Hoi An cooking classes forgo the Central Market altogether. Instead choosing khổng lồ bring you khổng lồ one of the local markets around the city. Because these markets tover to lớn be smaller and have sầu little lớn no tourists. However the standout feature of the local markets are the areas dedicated to the farmers. The farmers show up early with their fresh produce, và sell not only to lớn customers but also lớn the larger produce stands at the market, who then add a markup. So every market has a section for the farmers, but the local ones are much larger. However expect khổng lồ feel like you’re in the way regardless of where you stand. But this is all part of the fun.

Fish for sale at the Hoi An market. Photo: Antonia Lira

Hidden Hint: Skip the market! If you’re on a time limit or have had your fill of markets và are just looking khổng lồ cook, some schools give sầu the option not to lớn attend one. Especially if they don’t have anyone else attending that day, or you can join after the market tour is completed.

Hoi An’s Most Popular Cooking Classes: My Grandma’s Home Cooking

Run by the same people behind Heaven And Earth Tours, this is a great school lớn attkết thúc if you’re after a healthy combination of food & local culture. However they only have sầu one class, aimed at novice cooks looking for an introduction khổng lồ the local cuisine. But it’s a good class to consider if you’re travelling with a family. For instance there is wiggle room within class time if you need khổng lồ tover to a young child, and they also have a wooden crib available.

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The instructor at Grandma’s Cooking School Hoi An briefs students about the upcoming class. Photo: Kristen Wells

Above sầu all, what’s nice about My Grandma’s trang chủ Cooking is the flexibility you get to lớn plan the day. For instance there are morning và afternoon cooking classes for you lớn choose from, both of which exclude a Hoi An market tour. But If you are interested in touring the market, a trip to Central Market can be added on for 150,000 VND (6.50 USD) extra, along with an earlier start time for each class. In addition, if you’d like to lớn forgo the boat ride bachồng at the end of the class, you can instead arrange a guided 9-kilometre xe đạp ride for 340,000 VND (15 USD). However this option is only available if you’ve booked the morning class due khổng lồ timing.

Central Market Tour

If you’ve chosen lớn add the market tour to lớn your day, expect a good amount of time at the stalls in the Central Market. Along with detailed explanations of the produce và vendors. So for the price point of the class, it’s a worthwhile addition khổng lồ the day.

The instructor at Grandma’s Cooking School shows students around Hoi An Central Market. Photo: Kristen WellsMy Grandma’s Home Cooking School Setting

Located roughly 20-minutes away by boat on Duy Vinh, a very rural islvà south of Hoi An. The school is situated where Grandma’s trang chính used lớn be. However Grandma felt that the space was too large for her and asked for a smaller trang chính khổng lồ be built at the baông xã of the property. Therefore tables are phối up in the yard with a dirt floor and a thatched roof. Chickens run around, and locals can be seen passing by, carrying out their daily business. In conclusion it’s a unique and homely setting khổng lồ spover the day learning about the local cuisine.


The class isn’t difficult lớn follow. For instance some of the ingredients are pre-portioned by the friendly assistants for easy assembly. At your stations, you prepare four local dishes with the help of Grandma’s trang chủ recipes. But with your final dish, you’re served pumpkin soup và a dessert prepared by the staff. The class is pretty straightforward, so if you’re a strong cook, this will be an effortless day.

Cooking up banh xeo, a local rice pancake with shrimp, pork, và bean sprouts at Grandma’s Cooking School. Photo: Kristen WellsParting Gifts

You are given a good unique colour booklet outlining the recipes from the day. It includes a section in the baông xã showcasing the local fruits along with descriptions và facts.

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Hidden’s thoughts

in conclusion, the set of food và culture is the real highlight of this cooking class, along with being able to customise the day to fit your needs slightly. So not only was the class itself enjoyable, but the interesting stories told by the instructor about the Hoi An area and local people really set it apart from other cooking classes.

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